About Us

Learn Deen Daily is a platform for every Muslim who would like to take his/her Journey of learning as a team in an easy, motivational & exciting way.

Learn Deen Daily platform is an Initiative of Al Manar Islamic Centre to promote education & learning among the Muslims on a daily basis and develop the condition of the Ummah at large.

The whole idea of LYD is to encourage Muslims of all ages and various backgrounds to be committed to learning on a daily basis even though it is little as Prophet Muhammed peace said -

"The most beloved deeds in the sight of Allah are those which are done regularly even though it is little"

Lear Deen Daily aims to involve learners with easy and unique mechanism that enable them learn everyday with high zeal and spirits So start your journey of learning with us by choosing your suitable plan and we will be your partner in piety in this journey of learning